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Indigo Dyed Cushion Square


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Indigo Cushions. 

We have taken individual pieces of Handmade Indigo Cloth by Artisans in Mali and turned them into these gorgeous cushions.

From a rich culture of the Dogon, a world Heritage Region in Mali. The fabric is made from home-grown cotton, hand plucked, spun and woven. It is then tie-and-dye painted in deep blue Indigo. 

Our beautiful handworked indigo is not colourfast - Please be careful as these pieces are new and vintage therefore any imperfections are part of their individual beauty. 

Prior to use you should rinse and leave the product for 1 hour in a bucket of 1 litre of vinegar and 5 litres of lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly. 

Size: 53 x 53cm

Please Enjoy.